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Hung-Over It: Hangover Cures That Have Fallen Out of Favor

There are some things that our ancestors handled better than we do today. Hangover cures is not one of those things.

While the world has moved on in terms of conveniences, there are a fair few things that we still rely on our ancestors for— recipes, vintage fashion, words of wisdom, that one recipe that the Romans used for their concrete. One area where we tend to diverge, however, is hangover cures. This is not because we don’t trust or respect our elders, but more the lack of ready availability of things like sheep eyeballs, or fireplace soot, or Quaff-Aid.  


Ancient Romans, known for their festivities (from bacchanals to the standard dinner party), tried to head their hangovers off at the pass. One recommended defense was grinding swallow’s beak and mixing the ashes in wine to avoid getting drunk in the first place. Another method, similar to our current methods of a big meal before a night out, Pliny the Elder recommended a meal of roasted sheep lungs.


While the Victorian era is known for many things, such as perpetuating the popularity of the white wedding dress, it’s also known for one of the oddest hangover cures: soot in warm milk. Considering what charcoal can do to trap toxins in the stomach, it may be most antithetical remedy on this list. 


Said to have originated at the 1878 Paris World Expedition, the Prairie Oyster is one hangover cure that, while its popularity has ebbed, managed to sustain as a popular cure for over a century. This particular cure calls for one raw egg yolk combined with salt and pepper, Tabasco sauce, and Worcestershire sauce. 

In the 1950s, party hosts were advised that they could help rowdy guests stave off those pesky hangovers with Quaff-Aid. This supplement was made of a brewer’s yeast, and packed with B-complex vitamins. These vitamins are essential to aiding the nervous and brain systems.

If Quaff-Aid was still available, it would likely be available for delivery on The Hangover Help Desk. While taking a brewer’s yeast is slightly unconventional, it still qualified as an OTC for hangovers. Lack of Quaff-Aid aside, The Hangover Help Desk is still the best app to turn to the morning after a rough night. With a selection of energy drinks, food, and OTC medications. Download Hangover Help Desk and find relief— much faster than your great-great-great-great-great grandparents did.

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