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8 Books About the Gilded Age - This period in American history was marked by extravagance, societal jockeying, and the rise of the robber barons.
10 Dark and Twisted Books to Read If You Loved The Secret History - If you’re a fan of character-driven narratives, the dark academia genre, or thrillers with an offbeat cast, this list has something for you!
11 Binge-Worthy Podcasts About Fraud - From crypto scams, to catfish, to forged or stolen art, these podcasts make for gripping listening, and all the twists and turns will leave you stunned.

16 Books to Get You Out of Your Reading Rut  - These books will help you get back ino your reading groove.

Bacteria and Bayonets: How Disease Has Impacted American Warfare - The impact of disease on the battlefield has stretched from the Colonial Era to the innovations of 20th century biological warfare.

The History of the Corset, a Garment Fraught with Misconceptions - Often demonized as patriarchal torture devices, these garments were seen as a practicality at the height of their popularity.


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